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What’s it Worth?

What is it worth? That’s the big question when it comes to your Vintage items. Maybe it’s a family heirloom. Maybe it’s an original toy collection that’s captured your pride since childhood. Vintage is a word often associated with one phrase: great value! However, while it may be a treasure; it may be a troll.

Collectible plates…dolls, jewelry…and so much more can be of true value. Are you curious to know how much your items are worth. Are these treasures-in-waiting or worthless dust collectors? It’s a question that every consumer wants to know.

It can be a complex task to uncover the true value of those items. You have to assess the condition of the item. Chips, cracks, and previous repairs can typically subtract a substantial amount of the price for which you can sell an item. Accurately and unbiasedly assessing your item for manufacturer marks, overall condition, etc., in order to establish a value requires a third-party opinion.

The answer starts with calling Encore Estate Solutions. Our Certified Appraiser will make an appointment with you to examine your items and provide you with an estimate of value.


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